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Burnt Rubber

Burnt Rubber

Burnt Rubber is racing reignited! With intense tracks and a futuristic aesthetic experience, you will be enthralled to achieve the best time on the scoreboard on every track. Burnt Rubber lets players drive in the hot seat, stacking up against a range of unique obstacles. Each stage offers a tougher challenge as you race your way to the top, setting new record times in the process. Stay tuned for more as we continuously improve the game and add more content. Don't forget to let us know what you want to see in upcoming releases on the Steam forums!

Phase 1 (Released)

  • 30 Tracks Over 3 Stages to unlock
  • Original Soundtrack
  • Full Gamepad Support
  • Neon-inspired Visuals
  • Variety of obstacles, from simple pillars to moving platforms to hoops that change the direction of gravity!

Phase 2 (Released)

Phase 2 was released at the end of January 2019 which included

  • Another 10 Tracks (1 stage)
  • Steam Achievements

Phase 3 (Released)

We expect Phase 3 was released at the end of February 2019 included

  • Another 10 Tracks (1 stage)
  • Steam Leaderboards
  • Community feedback and suggestions

Phase 4 (Released)

Phase 4 was released end of March 2019 and included

  • General bug fixes
  • Initial visual post-processing

Phase 5 (Released)

Phase 5 was released end of April 2019 and included

  • Another 10 Tracks (1 stage)
  • Additional Community feedback and suggestions

Phase 6

Phase 6 was released at the end of May 2019 and will hopefully include

  • Additional game content
  • Additional Community feedback and suggestions
  • Polish pass on maps

Further updates

Additional updates have included

  • Bug fixes & community feedback items
  • Polish passes on maps
  • Additional game content including music

Major Update

We have been working on local split screen multiplayer in the last few months, and are finally releasing it in late October! Up to 4 local players will be able to join in on the mayhem. We are looking for feedback on this game mode to help improve the experience for all players. Please put all feedback and issues on our Steam forums


Panic Inducing Gameplay

Watch, remember and repeat sequences of swipes to earn gems. Complete as many sequences as possible in 120 action-packed seconds.

Risk & Reward

Will you give up two precious seconds to collect the gems you have? Or risk losing it all if you get the next sequence wrong?

Power to higher scores

Use unique power-ups, each with a different ability, to help you get higher scores and ascend to the top of the world.

Play to win

Complete tasks to level up and unlock power ups, score bonuses and music tracks.

Immersive Soundtrack

Complete your experience with a dynamic soundtrack that lets you feel the panic.

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The Team

Jacob McDonald


Harrison Moore

Game Designer

Vishesh Bhartiya


Callum Edwards

Sound Design

Luke Miles


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